Meet the Bunch



I don't have any seeds and I taste like Concord Grape Juice. That's because my parents were Thompson Seedless and Concord grape varieties.


I'm from Sunny California where the weather is perfect to hang out and get sweet.

Jammin J

I have been hanging out in the fields of Brandt Farms where the farmers taught me how to be my best. I am ready to head out into the world and make new friends with people like you.


I'm a sucker for sweet snacks so make us a healthy snack alternative when your craving some sweet and refreshing.


My Jammer buddies may be all about sun and fun, but I'm all about good health. We are loaded with phytonutrients and are an excellent source of Vitamin K. If you're into health like I am then you'll love Jammers.


My friends say I have a big heart. All I know is that Jammers contain antioxidants to help you have a good heart as well.